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Say Goodbye to Gas Stations

Enjoy convenient at-home  EV charging. Knowing your EV will be ready to go when you need it. 

Piece of mind. Knowing that the charger is fully warrantied through PUC Services Inc. installation, technical support or general questions are just a phone call away.

Pay less at home. Your current electricity rates are some of the lowest in the province, charging at home saves service fees and other credit card expenses when using public chargers. 

For the low cost of $35.00/month, you can enjoy the convenience of charging worry free at home.

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Why Rent from PUC Services?

We are here when you need it. Reliable 24/7 operation for customer support. 

We believe that supporting our customers and investing in the communities we serve is not only the right thing to do, but the smart one. 

Our focus is on lowering our carbon footprint, supporting our communities, and providing exceptional customer service. We believe that securing a bright future is possible through actions that tackle the real threat of climate change and support customers to reduce their energy costs at the same time. 

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Benefits of Home EV Charging

Consider these benefits of having a Level 2 EV charging station right in your driveway.

Enjoy the flexibility of charging your electric vehicle when you want to,

with time of use pricing, you could also schedule your charging time around the lowest electricity pricing and still have your vehicle ready to go when you need it. Most new EV’s on the market have advanced controls to schedule charging around time of use pricing and when you want to use your vehicle.

Plug it in and walk away,

No rules to follow for public charging locations, finding public charging stations or worrying about non-electric vehicles parking in the “premium” EV charging spots. Plugging in at home allows you to charge your electric vehicle worry free. Just unplug and go, your spot will be there when you return.  

Increase your property value,

As the number of house hunters with electric cars increases, so does the attractive value proposition of buying a home that already has a Level 2 EV charging station installed. You could set yourself apart from other homes and increase interest from potential buyers.


Pay less for charging at home, 

Unless public charging is free, any level 2 or 3 public chargers require customers to pay. This usually involves specific apps to sign up for or paying with your credit card. Either process usually involves service fees and other expenses that increase the price of electricity to charger you car. At home, you simply pay time of use rates. 

EV Charger FAQs

Q: How does the rental program work?

A: Customers pay a low monthly fee of $35 that includes the unit, lifetime warranty, and an installation credit. 

Q: What are the electrical requirements for EV Chargers?

A: Standard level 2 EV charging station is wired into a dedicated 208-240V AC, 40Amp circuit at 60 Hz. Most homes run on a 100Amp circuit. Before anything is installed, a licensed electrician will be completing an assessment on your home to ensure you have adequate capacity.  

Q: Are the chargers required to be installed indoors? 

A: No, the installation of chargers can be done indoors or outdoors, depending on what is ideally suited for your situation. 

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